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What It's All About

What you'll find in this website and why.

Chances are, if you've found yourself here, then you've been either searching for pet advice or took the wrong lane on the Internet expressway and have found the 3 AM Merlot Boulevard/Martin Luther King Drive Exit. Don't feel bad.  As you kareen down the offramp, notice the tire tracks to the right of you.  The ones where some idiot almost took out the Denney's sign.  Those are mine.

Yes they are.

As a card-carrying "it's late and I can't keep my fingers off these keys, these damned keys...." (feel free to mutter this in you best Captain Kirk voice) member of America's up-all-night population, I decided that it was time to put my lollygagging to good use and start a website for people like me, petlovers who would appreciate benefitting from other petlover's experience.  So, hopefully I can be of some assistance to anyone out there who happens to have dogs, cats, guinea pigs, or fish residing in their homes.  I also worked at a wildlife rehab, so there will be a page on that soon.

There is also an all-true stories section that I will highly recommend as it grows.  We'll cover it all, humor, shock, grief, veterinarians, and most interesting I assure you, military on-post life as it dealt with animals, both the four and two-legged.  Until you've had a boarhog in the front seat of your car with 2 kids in the back and the MP's wanting to know just what the hell you think you're doing, you haven't lived, baby.  You just haven't lived.

So, feel free to check out what I have so far and will be adding to as fast as I can, and please send any suggestions in for pet care or advice that you have.  Nekked pictures will only be accepted if they are of your pets.  And by pets I do not mean Uncle Fremont.  A diaper does not qualify as clothed, either.  Naughty Uncle Fremont.....

daphne and GatorX, site mascot

"Do you happen to have any snacks?"

GatorX Shorts, attacking the vacuum cleaner since 2000.


....if it's not covered in pet hair, it probably isn't mine....

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