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Welcome.  I'm daphne, the zookeeper of a multitude of things that bark, meow, wheek, rumblestrut, swim, and unfortunately, shed.  This is our site.

There are going to be some changes and new pages in the near future, so check back to see how we're doing. 

A rare moment caught on film - the zookeeper up before noon.

Come in and read some more...



This website is geared toward an audience that doesn't mind the occasional swear word.  If you are religious or conservative, be forewarned that I had some pottymouth on a few of the site's pages; so if you're very easily offended, this might not be site for you. 
If you are under the age of 18, I feel the obligation to let you know that many of the stories that are or will be on this site are colorful and unedited for "FCC-approved content", and therefore may not be suitable for you.    Then again, I  here my kids' friends talk, and y'all can be pretty scary.  So, I might be wrong.
New stuff might be posted in my bloggity blog blog.

Pictured below is GatorX Shorts, team captain and main hair distributor on the premises.


....if it's not covered in pet hair, it probably isn't mine....

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